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I may, at my discretion, log HTTP accesses to this website. This will be done for the purposes of ensuring that the website is functioning correctly. I will not log any personally identifiable information, and such logs will not be retained for more than 90 days.

Third parties

There are no third party analytics installed on this website. No requests are made to third parties to track your usage or for any advertising purposes. In particular, there are no Google analytics or Facebook tracking systems installed.

These are some social media embeds in this website. These are disabled by default and are only allowed after you give explicit permission. You can change your recorded permissions here.

This website includes links to booksellers. These links may be affiliate links, in which case I may be informed of any purchases made by following them, as part of an accounting statement. Such links will be marked with Paid promotion. Any information received in this manner will not identify the person who made the purchase, just that a purchase was made. Such information will only be used to verify that the booksellers are meeting their obligations under the affiliate agreement and will not be published or shared by me.

"Terminal equipment"

Websites may not store cookies (or similar data) on your computer without your permission, unless it's strictly necessary for the website to be usable.

There is an optional feature to make this website available offline. For this to work data must be stored on your computer, so it is disabled by default. If you enable this feature, then the website may cache all the information required for all of its functionality to work offline. If it's disabled, then no specific caching policy will be enforced. Your browser may still cache things, but this will not be on my specific instructions.

In addition, the website can remember which page you most recently viewed. This can greatly improve the browsing experience, but also needs your explicit permission.

Neither of these options cause information about your usage habits to be transmitted outside of your computer. In fact, enabling the offline option can very slightly improve your privacy, as it would make it impossible for third parties analysing your network connection to monitor your reading.

Accessing your data

You have a right to view all data I store on you, on request. Nothing is stored outside your computer. The data I store on your computer is shown below.